Below are links to the other copyright licensing agencies that can provide cover for common activities where CCLI can’t…


Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO)
The public performance of live or pre-recorded music during church activities (excluding acts of worship) will probably require you to have a performance licence from the IMRO. Since CCLI is not an agent for this licence, any enquires about ‘non worship’ music performance in churches should be made directly to IMRO:

Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Ltd. (PPL)
In addition, when commercial music recordings (CDs, MP3s, cassettes, etc.) are played in public (excluding acts of worship) a royalty must be paid to the company that produced the recording. Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Ltd. (PPL) acts as a central administrator of record company rights in the public performance, broadcasting and reproduction of their recordings. Any enquiries about the use of pre-recorded music in churches should be made to PPL.

The Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA)
The ICLA license schools, colleges, universities, language schools, businesses and other organisations to copy extracts from non-music publications and works.