Christian Organisations

If you organise events, employ itinerant/mobile workers or hold staff meetings that include times of worship, CCLI can provide a simple, legal and affordable solution to your copyright needs.

Events / Conferences

If you organise events and would like to show films, display worship songs, photocopy from music books or download song lyrics and music, click here.

Itinerant/Mobile Workers

If your organisation has itinerant/mobile workers you may need licences to cover their activities.

Staff Meetings

If you have regular staff meetings and are projecting song hymns, creating your own song sheets or storing song words on your computer then you may need a Church Copyright Licence (CCL) and Music Reproduction Licence (MRL).

Downloading Song Lyrics and Sheet Music

If you want instant access to CCLI's online song database, with great features such as transposing songs into the key of your choice, Music Player and 30-second sound samples, then you may need SongSelect.

Not sure which licences you need?

Check the Quick Guide Licence Table