What Is Copyright?

There is a certain irony that whilst we enjoy the freedom to worship, we are not always able to undertake our various worship-related activities free of charge.

Copyright protects the songs we sing, the sound recordings we play, the films we watch, the text and pictures in books and magazines. In fact when using the many resources we rely upon we often unwittingly find ourselves infringing copyright laws put in place to protect the rights of the authors, writers, film producers and composers whose work we wish to use.

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What Is Copyright?

A detailed explanation of what copyright is, how to protect your created works and why copyright is needed.

Fair Dealing

What is fair dealing? What is the purpose of this exception to copyright law and where does this apply?

Public Domain

Copyright in a work does not last indefinitely and will ultimately expire and enter the public domain. Find out how long are those copyright 'lifetimes' are.

Copyright Links

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FAQs on Copyright

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