CCLI’s History

1988 After 3½ years in development, CCLI officially began its copyright licence service to churches in the USA.
1990 CCLI expanded its operation to cover churches in Canada from its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, USA.
1991 CCLI acquired a UK-based company called Christian Music Association (CMA), which ran a licensing programme in the UK with 7,600 licensed churches. By the end of 1991, CCLI was providing its service to 31,000 churches in the USA, 3,000 churches in Canada and 7,600 churches in the UK.
1993 CCLI Owner Agreement was revised enabling standard publishers to join the licence programme.
1995 The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) right was included in the Church Copyright Licence (CCL) enabling licence holders in the UK to record their worship services.
1998 CCLI started to sell copyright licences to churches in Scandanavia.
1999 The European office moved into new premises at Chantry House, Eastbourne, UK.

The PRS for Music Church Licence was launched, permitting churches to play/perform music outside of the act of worship in the UK.

2000 CCLI upgraded its customer database software.

The SongSelect CD was launched allowing churches to search through the 6,000 most popular songs in the UK & Ireland to find copyright information and a full set of lyrics.

2001 CCLicentie, the joint venture company between Musi©opy and CCLI was established in the Netherlands, having taken over from Stichting Licentie (active in the Netherlands since 1989).

Christian Video Licensing Europe Ltd (CVLE), a joint venture company between Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC) and CCLI was established.

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Church Licence was introduced, permitting churches to photocopy from non-music publications in the UK.

All corporate logos were registered as trademarks.

2002 CCLI started to sell copyright licences to churches in Benelux.

CCLI opened a Nordic office in Umeå, Sweden.

The Church Video Licence (CVL) was launched in the UK, Ireland and Sweden, allowing churches to show films clips in their activities.

2003 European Copyright Licensing Ltd (ECL) was established to market copyright licences enabling Christian music to impact the non-Christian community in the UK.

The Limited Manufacture Licence (LML), a commercial licence, was launched in the UK enabling churches and schools to sell their recordings to the general public.

The Wedding Video-Recording Licence (WVRL) was launched allowing wedding couples/videographers in the UK to legally record music during their wedding ceremony and reception.

2004 The CopyReport CD-ROM replaced the booklets in the UK and Ireland, making it easier and quicker for licence holders to accurately report the songs that are used
2005 ©reate, the online worship resource magazine was launched in the UK.

Andy Bodkin was appointed as Managing Director for the European office, following the retirement of Geoff Booker.

2006 David Churchyard was appointed as Operations Manager to manage the operational aspects of the European office.
2007 Following consolidation of CCLI’s operational structure across Europe, a Sales Representative in the Netherlands was appointed.

CCLI started to work closely with the Norwegian worship network

Geoff Durrant was employed as Customer Service Manager in the UK office.

The online version of SongSelect was launched, allowing individuals in the UK and Ireland to search, download and listen to 30 second sound samples from thousands of hymn and worship songs direct from CCLI’s database.

2008 The CopyReport CD-ROM replaced the booklets in the Netherlands making it easier and quicker for licence holders to accurately report the songs that are used.
Today CCLI administers over 87,000 licences in Europe and 236,000 worldwide.